Blocking Crocheted Woolens

by Sarah

(Michigan, USA)

Block each piece separately. Lay wrong side up on a flat surface large enough for entire piece. If front and back are the same shape, block them together, also sleeves, having right sides together. Use rust proof pins. Smooth pieces out to measurements worked and pin along outer edges, having pins about 1/2" apart all around. Lay a damp cloth over piece and steam with a hot iron. Do not allow weight of iron to rest on article if it is wool. Allow piece to lay until dry. Remove pins and if necessary steam underneath piece in same manner. For Cardigans and Buttonhole borders, baste pieces together as they should overlap, then block. Seams look best when sewn with a back-hand stitch about 1/8" from edge on wrong side. Press seams open in same manner by steaming.

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