Best Crochet Tools and Accessories

The Best Crochet Tools and Accessories
Share Your Favorite Tool or Accessory

As a crocheter, what is your favourite crochet tool or accessory (other than a crochet hook and thread)? If you really have a special hook or thread that you really want to share, you can do that, but what we are wondering what is your ‘most favourite’ crochet tool or accessory?

Whatever it is, we would love to hear about it! You may have a tool or accessory that other crocheters don’t know about and would find really useful, and as an added bonus you could win some really great prizes!

The Contest – Share Your Favourite Crochet Tool

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What’s Your Favourite Crochet Tool or Accessory?

Do you have a favourite crochet tool or accessory? Share it!

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Contest Entries From Other Visitors

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Nature Mandala  imageimageimageimageimage
This was done as a gift by my partners mother and I think it is absolutely stunning

Useful stitch markers imageimageimageimageimage
I could not crochet without my favorite stitch markers. They are round and stay in my wip so easily. They don’t fall out like other stitch markers and …

My Fave Crochet Accessory imageimageimageimageimage
My favorite crochet accessory is my my yarn winder! I picked it up for 40% off – I only paid $16 for it. I have arthritis in my hands, and I have …

My Favorite Crochet Tool… imageimageimageimageimage
My favorite crochet tool is my very little collection of crochet hooks, especially my size J – it is acrylic, and is great for shawls and afghans. …

My Blue Victorian Thread Holder imageimageimageimageimage
I made a thread holder in 2010 just to try the pattern but fell in love with the holder afterwards. I have been using it every since. It is one of …

Highlighters imageimageimageimageimage
When your doing a round with different stitches, I highlight the pattern in different colors. That way I don’t get lost and its easier on the eyes. 🙂

Memories From my Earring Stitch Markers imageimageimageimageimage
My favorite crochet accessories are stitch markers made from my own earrings! Instead of using store-bought stitch markers I use my old earrings from my …

Best Darn Yarn Tenders – All time list topper in my supplies Not rated yet
Best Darn Yarn Tenders. I use them on skeins, cones, and center-pull balls of yarn. I never worry about what is happening in my bag when the yarn …

Simple but useful, safety pin!  Not rated yet
Although this may be a safe choice, I have found safety pins to be one of my favorite tools! I am somewhat new to crocheting, I have only made 3 market …

My Stitch Counter Not rated yet
I recently got this stitch counter and I am so happy with it. I got it from Shopee and got a great deal out of it. I only spent a dollar on it. At first …

My crochet buddy… Not rated yet
Apart from crochet hook and yarn, something without which I can’t complete my crochet projects is my crochet buddy – i.e. yarn needle. This small tool …

My Crochet Hooks Set and Case Not rated yet
One of the most useful accessories I ever bought was a Boye brand crochet hook case that included both steel and aluminum hooks. It goes all the way to …

My Favorite Crochet Accessory Not rated yet
My homemade rubber band hook handles! It’s made with those loom bracelet bands and I made my own loom from a pop bottle top and nails….

My Crochethook Set Not rated yet
My favourite tool or accessory is my crochethook set. I bought a 3.0 mm, a 4.0 mm, a 5.0 mm and a 6.0 mm separate, they have a special grip and they work …

My Grandmother’s Old Crochet Set Not rated yet
My grandmother was a wonderful crocheter as was my mother. Grandma died in 1998 at the age of 92 and her crocheting tools were passed on to my mother …

My Favourite Hook Not rated yet
My favourite crochet accessory is a hook given to me by my great grandmother. Its huge and bright yellow (Think Big Bird) but it was easier for my chubby …

Sticky Notes! Not rated yet
One of my favorite things, and cheapest, I use is a sheet of paper from one of those sticky note pads. I use it to keep my place in the pattern and I will …

My Grandpa’s Latch Hook Not rated yet
Ever since I got back into crochet, I have been finding my wooden latch hook a very useful tool for finishing touches. Latch hooks are usually used for …

Who would Have Thunk It? Not rated yet
I use the plastic bread tags, for crochet markers. When I need to mark a certain row or round-these little bread clips, work great! Plus, they are …

Piece Scrap of Yarn Not rated yet
I use a small piece of old yarn (different color) as my marker specially in crocheting a continous pattern so I know where is the starting stitch of every …

Pickle Jar Not rated yet
I use a large pickle jar to hold my yarn while I crochet. It is large enough to allow the ball to unwind easily and keeps the yarn clean and lint free. …

My Fingers Not rated yet
Yeah… that did sound a little weird. But when I was taught to crochet as a child, I was too stubborn to use the hook. I figured out how to crochet using …

Jewelry Case Not rated yet
My favorite crochet tool is a suede travel jewelry case. I gave it to my Mom over 40 years ago when I was in college so she’d have something nice to carry …

Keeping Track Not rated yet
I use index cards. Each line (or round) is on a separate card. I punch a hole in the upper left corner and put the cards on a ring (like a binder’s rings …

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The Hook Not rated yet
My favorite tool for crocheting is the crochet hook. I love the hook because it comes in so many shapes and sizes and the colors it varies in are just …

The Hairpin Not rated yet
My favourite crochet tool is a hairpin. I often use a hairpin to crochet, and the pattern of what I may be crocheting comes out very good.

Stitch markers Not rated yet
I love stitch markers to keep track of rows and beginning chains. Mine look like tiny plastic baby diaper safety pins. They work great. My crocheting …

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