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Fashionable Patterns of the Past

Antique crochet patterns have experienced a huge increase in demand as part of the revival of crochet as a fun and relaxing hobby.

Nostalgia for past times and the ever revolving fashion cycle have contributed to the renewed popularity of this 19th century handcraft.

Crochet Baby Bib Pattern - Embroidery Baby Bib

Vintage crochet has enormous character which is displayed in various forms and styles. It is no wonder that antique patterns are sought after by those looking to recreate classic items from a past era.

Fortunately there were a lot of books, magazines and patterns published between 1850 and 1950 that have preserved the diversity of crochet creations that represent the peak period of this fun craft.

Many of these vintage crochet publications are very rare and expensive, putting them out of the reach of the average crocheter, although the exception is where material can be located in a library.

Libraries in particular are good low cost sources of patterns. However, it generally takes a fair bit of time and effort to locate a suitable pattern.

We are fortunate enough to possess a collection of rare and hard to find 1920's (and earlier) needlework books containing patterns for beautiful creations from times past. While we enjoy reading these books we receive far more enjoyment from seeing the patterns they contain come to life when recreated by modern crocheters.

We are also in the process of uploading high-quality, digital versions of these original, antique crochet patterns books. Each of these original, unaltered, digitally restored pattern books are available for immediate download at an incredibly low price!

Along with other practitioners of this craft we are making historical needlework information and patterns available to a wider audience via the Internet. We hope you enjoy the old style patterns.

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Especially with vintage patterns, you may find it difficult to locate the hooks, thread, yarn, or other accessories needed for your project.

To help you find exactly what you need, has entered into partnerships with several well-known retailers including Joann, CreateForLess, Amazon, eBay, DickBlick, and MisterArt.

If you are unable to find what you need at your local yarn or craft store, we have some suggestions as to where you can most likely find exactly the crochet supplies that you need online - and for a great deal too!

(In fact, we think that when you see all the great products available from our partners at great prices, and how easy it is - you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home - you may decide to always shop online.)

Take a look at all of the yarn and threads currently available online. We are sure you'll find exactly what you're looking for!

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