Embroidered Block Rug – Free Crochet Pattern

This unique rug with beautiful flower embroidery will make a great addition to any room of your house. Crochet this free pattern today!

Follow the easy step-by-step instructions of this vintage crochet pattern to make this beautiful rug. There is absolutely no charge for personal use of this easy crochet pattern for an embroidered rug.

Free Crochet Rug Pattern:
Flower Embroidered Rug!

Embroidered Block Rug - Free Crochet Pattern


15 Skeins Cream
10 Skeins Lt. Brown or Color Desired
and “STAR” BLEND YARN, Article 75
1 Skein each Brown, Lilac, Red, Dk. Green, Black,
Cerise, Pink and Lt. Yellow for Embroidery
Aluminum Crochet Hook size H


Each square measures about 10 1/4 inches. 15 squares (3 x 5) are required for rug measuring about 33 inches x 54 inches.


With Cream ch 26, s c in 2nd st from hook, 1 s c in each remaining st of ch, ch 1, turn.

2nd Row. 1 s c in each s c (25 s c), ch 1, turn.

Repeat the 2nd row 25 times, ch 1, turn.

Without cutting yarn work a row of s c all around working 25 s c on each side and 3 s c in each corner, cut yarn.

Attach Lt. Brown at corner and work 1 s c in each s c on sides and 3 s c in center st at each corner.

Repeat the last row twice, cut yarn.

Work 14 more squares in same manner.

Embroider each square in cross sts according to chart, arranging designs as illustrated.

Embroidered Block Rug Embroidery Pattern

Sew squares together as illustrated having all rows running in same direction using “STAR” BLEND YARN.


Attach Lt. Brown in corner and working through back loop of sts only, work 1 s c in each s c on sides and 3 s c in center st at each corner.

Work 2 more rows of s c in same manner but working through both loops of sts, cut yarn.

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