Free Crochet Basket Coaster Pattern – Easy Crochet Pattern for a Basket

This free vintage crochet basket coaster pattern was originally published by Corticelli in 1916, in Lessons in Crochet – Book No. 1.

Follow the easy step-by-step instructions of this crochet pattern to make this classic crocheted coaster basket. There is absolutely no charge for personal use of this easy crochet pattern for a basket.

Free Crochet Basket Pattern
How to Crochet a Basket

Vintage Crochet Basket


CMC Cordonnet No. 30
One Steel Hook, No. 9


Tumbler coasters add greatly to the attractiveness of a table. This pattern is a neat example of a coaster which is very simple to make.

This coaster measures 3 inches in diameter, and stands one inch high.

To stiffen, dip with sugar water made in the proportion of 1 spoonful of sugar to 2 spoonfuls of water and pull into shape over a form; a glass of anything the desired size will do.


Ch 2.

1st Row – Make 6 sc in 1st ch.

2nd Row – Working round and round and using both loops at top of stitch, 1 sc in 1st stitch, * 2 sc in next stitch, 1 sc in next stitch. Repeat from * around row.

3rd Row – Make 2 sc in every 3rd stitch.

4th Row – Make 2 sc in every 4th stitch. Continue this way, making 1 sc more between widenings in each successive row until work is size desired for bottom of coaster.

5th Row – Ch 4, 1 dc in last sc, * skip 2 sc, make a group of (1dc, ch1, 1 dc) in next sc. Repeat from * around row, join in 3rd ch.

6th Row – Ch 4, 1 dc in 1st space, * make 1 group in next group. Repeat from * around row, join in 3rd ch.

Make 2 more rows like this, or until coaster is desired length.

Finish by making 1 sc and 3 dc in each group around edge, join.

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