Americana Afghan – Crochet Afghan – Free Crochet Afghan Pattern

Now you can easily crochet an Americana afghan. Simply follow the simple instructions to crochet this red, white, and blue blanket.

Follow the easy step-by-step instructions of this crochet blanket pattern to create this lovely afghan. This pattern is free for personal use.

Crochet Afghan Pattern:
Americana Afghan

Crochet Afghan - Americana Afghan


19 skeins (1 oz. “Tangle-Proof” Pull-Out Skeins) of No. 1 White
18 skeins of No. 858 Navy and
13 skeins of No. 909 Scarlet
Clark’s O.N.T. Plastic Crochet Hook No. 5


The approximate final size of this Americana crochet afghan is 38″ x 62″.

Gauge: Each motif measures 4 inches square.


First Motif for Americana Afghan (Make 68)

Starting at center with White, ch 6. Join with sl st to form ring.

1st Rnd: Ch 3, 15 dc in ring. Join to top of ch-3. Break off.

2nd Rnd: Attach Scarlet to same place as sl st, 3 sc in same place, * sc in next 3 dc, 3 sc in next dc. Repeat from * around. Join and break off.

3rd Rnd: Attach White to first sc, sc in same place, * at base of 3-sc group make dc, ch 2 and dc (2 long dc made); sc in 3rd sc of same sc group, (make a long dc over next sc, sc in next sc) twice. Repeat from * around. Join and break off.

4th Rnd: Attach Navy to corner sp, in same sp make sc, ch 2 and sc; sc in each sc and in each dc around, making sc, ch 2 and sc in each corner sp. Join and break off.

5th Rnd: Attach White to corner sp, sc in same sp, make long dc in same sp; * (sc in next sc, long dc over next sc) 3 times; sc in next sc, in corner sp make long dc, 2 sc and long dc. Repeat from * around. Join and break off.

6th Rnd: Attach Scarlet to first sc, (yarn over, insert hook in same sc, draw loop through) 3 times; yarn over and draw through all loops on hook, ch 1 to fasten (puff st made), * make a puff st in each of next 5 sc, in next sc make puff st, ch 2 and puff st. Repeat from * around, ending with puff st in same place as first puff st, ch 2, Join and break off.

Second Motif for Americana Afghan (Make 67)

Work as for First Motif, reversing Scarlet and Navy rounds.

To Join Blocks

Starting and ending with a Scarlet Block, sew 5 Scarlet and 4 Navy Blocks together to form first strip.

Starting and ending with a Navy Block, sew 5 Navy and 4 Scarlet Blocks together to form second strip.

Sew remaining blocks together in alternate pattern as before.

Sew strips together.

Border for Americana Afghan

1st Rnd: Attach Navy to any corner sp, make a puff st, ch 2 and puff st in same sp, make a puff st in each sp around, making puff st, ch 2 and puff st in each corner sp. Join.

2nd Rnd: Sl st in corner sp and work as for first rnd. Join and break off.

Block to measurements.

This free crochet pattern for am Americana afghan was originally published around 1952 by Coats and Clark in Afghans Book No. 289

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