Wool Crochet Bonnet – Baby Bonnet – Free Vintage Crochet Patterns

This free vintage wool crochet bonnet pattern was originally published in the 1920s. It is still a much-loved baby hat pattern today.

Follow the easy step-by-step instructions of this vintage baby pattern to crochet this classic wool bonnet. There is absolutely no charge for personal use of this crocheted baby bonnet pattern.

Free Vintage Crochet Baby Bonnet Pattern: Crochet Wool Bonnet Pattern

Vintage 1920s Wool Baby Bonnet Free Crochet Baby Bonnet Pattern
Vintage 1920s Wool Baby Bonnet Free Crochet Baby Bonnet Pattern


1 ball Ivorine wool.
Hook No. 10 (Strath-noid).


Commence with 19 chain turn and make 3 treble in 3rd stitch from needle, miss 3, slip stitch into next * 1 chain, 3 tr in same place, miss 3, slip stitch into next. Repeat from *, last time make a double crochet instead of slip stitch.

2nd Row – Turn with 2 chain, 3 tr, in same place, slip stitch into hole made by 1 ch in previous row, * 1 ch, 3 tr in same place, slip stitch into next hole. Repeat from *, ending with 1 d c.

Repeat 2nd row 12 times more. Break off wool.

Next Row – Begin where you started bonnet, and work up the side, across top, and down other side, working the pattern as usual for 16 rows, then work one row of double crochet all around entire bonnet, omitting the slip stitch on each shell, then work 1 row of treble (one in each stitch) across front of bonnet, then a row of shells along the neck, and break off.

Begin on 1st treble in front, and work the pattern as usual, one shell on every 3rd treble. Work 7 rows, and break off. Turn back this part.

Edge entire bonnet with silk.

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