Crochet a Cute Baby Bonnet – Free Vintage Crochet Pattern

This vintage crochet baby bonnet pattern was originally published in the 1920s, however, this pattern of the past is still treasured today.

Follow the easy step-by-step instructions of this vintage baby pattern to crochet this classic bonnet for a baby. There is absolutely no charge for personal use of this crocheted bonnet pattern.

Free Crochet Bonnet Pattern: Crochet Bonnet for a Baby

Vintage 1920s Baby Bonnet - Free Crochet Baby Bonnet Pattern


For this little baby bonnet, which is large enough for a baby six months to one year old, No. 100 crochet-cotton was used; coarser thread, with the same directions, will give a proportionate increase in size.

The little baby bonnet is easily made and very dainty. Some variation as to the number of rows or stitches may be required in case heavier thread is used, but the difference is readily adjusted.


The work is begun at the centre of the crown and, in case of the model, is continued around and around without joining; the rows or rounds may be joined, however, if preferred, and many like this method better.

Make a chain of 3 stitches, join.

1st ROW: Eight d c in ring, join. If the rows are joined, start each row with 1 ch and join to 1 ch with sl st; if not joined, simply work around, d c in d c: taking both threads.

2nd ROW: Two d c in each d c.

3rd ROW: D c in d c, 2 d c in next; repeat.

4th ROW: D c in each of 2 d c, 2 d c in next; repeat. Or, if preferred, the 3rd row may be worked plain, 1 d c in each d c, and 4th row like 2nd.

5th ROW: D c in each of 3 d c, 2 d c in next; repeat. This forms a small flat circle of d c for the centre of crown.

6th ROW: Tr in each d c; if rows are joined, begin each with 3 ch and join to top of 3 ch at end. It is an excellent plan, if not joined, to mark the beginning of each row with a bit of dark thread, carrying it from row to row.

7th to 15th ROW: Tr in each tr, always widening sufficiently to keep the circle flat and Smooth by working 2 tr in 1 tr. The widening should be done at intervals. The 15th row or round should have 160 tr.

16th ROW: Nineteen tr in 19 tr, ch 3, miss 1 tr; repeat, beginning the 8 star-points.

17th ROW: Seventeen tr in 19 tr, missing 1st and last, ch 3, tr in sp of preceding row, ch 3; repeat.

18th ROW: Fifteen tr in 17 tr, missing 1st and last, ch 4 (tr in next sp, ch 4) twice; repeat.

19th to 25th ROW: Same as 18th, decreasing the star-points 2 tr each row and adding 1 sp between. The 25th row has 1 tr in 2nd of 3 tr, 10 sp between.

26th, 27th and 28th ROW: All sp.

29th ROW: Ch 5, d c in next sp, * ch 3, d c in next, ch 5, miss 1 sp, shell of 6 roll st (over 18 times) in next, ch 5, miss 1 sp, d c in next, repeat from * across front, making 14 shells in all, and ending row as begun.

30th ROW: (Ch 5, d c in ch-loop of last row), 3 times, ch 5, shell of 2 tr, ch 3 and 2 tr between 3rd and 4th roll st; repeat across front, ending row as begun.

31st ROW: Same as 29th row, putting the shells of roll st in centre of shells of tr, and making ch of 5 st throughout.

32nd to 49th ROW: Same as 30th and 31st rows.

50th ROW: Same as 30th row, working back across front; then continue with sp around neck to opposite corner, working 2 tr with 4 ch between in loops across bottom of front, turn and work back around neck as in 30th row, making 3 loops between shells of tr

51st ROW: Work entirely around with shells of 9 roll st (over 22-times) in each shell of tr, as follows: Roll st in shell (ch 5, fasten. back in 1st st of 5 ch for a p, 1 roll st in same shell) 8 times, ch 3, d c in loop, ch 5, d c in next loop, ch 3; repeat across front; then around neck ch 2, d c in loop, ch 2 between shells.

Finish with rosettes of ribbon, pink or blue, as preferred, and & little chin-strap of the same ribbon shirred over half-inch elastic, sewed on at one side and furnished with snaps for fastening at the other.

For cool weather, the little bonnet may have a lining made of fine flannel or cashmere, and finished with a little crocheted scallop; or this lining may be crocheted of soft yarn matching the ribbon in color.

Begin at centre of crown with a chain of 3 stitches, join and work around and around – or join the rows – in treble or star stitch, or any close stitch preferred, widening to shape the crown until of the size required, then go back and forth across the front until this is wide enough, and edge with a row of shells, 6 trebles in a stitch, miss 3, double in next, miss 3 and repeat. Catch the edge of the lining just within the row of 9 roll stitch shells. It can be easily taken out when no longer needed.

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