Crochet Hooded Scarf Pattern – Free Crochet Pattern

A crochet hooded scarf will keep you nice and warm. It can be worn either under or over a coat. A crocheted scarf with a hood is a beautiful and useful accessory for any woman, any time of the year. In addition – they are made of soft, fleecy material and are incredibly comfortable!

The picture below may look old, but this lady’s scarf can be made in any color and is still stylish today. Even if you are a beginner, this crochet scarf is easy to crochet – and the pattern is free for personal use.

Free Crochet Scarf Pattern
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Crochet Hooded Scarf - Free Crochet Pattern


6 Skeins of Woolco Shetland Floss
No. 3 1/2 Woolco Hook


Make a chain of 278 stitches; turn into the 4th stitch. Make 4 double crochet, and make 4 chain, catching back into the top of the 4th double crochet; make 3 more double crochet into the same stitch; make 1 single crochet into the 4th chain, and repeat to the end of row.

Make 4 more rows like above.

Next row, commencing at the top of the 6th shell, repeat the shells until within 6 shells from the end.

Now drop 1 shell on every row until there are but 2 shells on the row.

For the border, make a shell of 9 double crochet and 4 picots all around.

This free vintage crochet pattern for a lady’s scarf with a hood was originally published in 1916 in the Woolco Knitting & Crocheting Manual.

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