Inside-out Ball of Yarn

by Terry Steen

(Plymouth, MN)

Keep your yarn under control and untangled by wrapping it into a ball that "feeds" from the center. No more yarn balls rolling around the floor, off your lap, or chased by your pet feline.

Start by putting the yarn over your thumb between thumb and forefinger, leaving a tail about 8 inches long.

Loop the yarn around your pinky on the same hand and then back around the thumb to form a figure 8.

Continue until you have 8 or 10 figure 8’s (all in the same pattern).

Carefully remove by putting the thumb and forefinger of the other hand through the loops that form the 8 so that you capture all the crossed yarns in the center. Carefully remove the loops o the 8 from the thumb and forefinger.

Grasp the end loops and fold them so the ends of the 8 come together. (Makes a small oval with loops at one end and crossed yarn at the other. Make sure the tail is hanging free opposite the crossed strands of yarn. Hold the folded yarn with the non-grasping hand and move your grasping finger and thumb to pinch the strands of the yarn at the tail side.

Wrap the yarn around the bunched together yarn and continue to wrap into a ball until all the yarn is in the ball. Tuck the last end under to keep it from unwrapping.

To use the ball of yarn, pull the tail to start using from the center.

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