How To Determine the Correct Guage

Before beginning work on any article, take the thread and hook recommended in the directions. Work a piece of about 2 inches in the pattern used. At beginning of the directions for each article, the number of sts to 1 inch and the number of rows to 1 inch, is given.

This is called the gauge. By comparing this gauge with the number of sts and rows to 1 inch on the sample piece just worked, the correct gauge can be determined, before making the entire article.

If the gauge on the sample is slightly different from the gauge given in the crochet pattern, the correct one may be attained by either loosening or tightening the tension of the thread.

Should the gauge be very different from the given gauge, change the size of the crochet hook (1 size smaller for loose work and 1 size larger for tight work), so that the correct gauge can be attained.

The crochet hooks recommended in all directions are based as nearly as possible on the average crocheter’s work.

However, since some crocheters work more tightly or loosely than average, it is very important to test the individual gauge of worker, before attempting to make the entire article.

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