Easy Instructions for Laundering, Starching, and Pressing Laces

by Sarah

(Michigan, USA)

I found these easy instructions for how to care for your lace creations in an old crochet pattern book.

LAUNDERING LACES: Taking care that all soap particles are thoroughly dissolved in hot water, squeeze lace gently through suds until lace is clean. Rinse several times in warm water until all soap is removed. Rinse once in cold water. Roll in a heavy towel to absorb all excess moisture.

STARCHING LACES: Make a medium starch solution and stir until all particles are dissolved. If lace has been laundered, he sure it is dry before immersing in starch. Wet thoroughly, then remove all excess moisture in a heavy towel. Lay lace on a flat surface and pin face down while damp, stretching and shaping to measurements worked. Pins should he spaced about 1/2" apart all around. Press through a clean cloth until dry.

PRESSING LACES: If lace does not need laundering or starching, pin on a flat surface to measurements worked. Lay a damp cloth over lace and press.

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