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Crochet forums are an excellent (and free!) way to get crochet help with any crocheting related issue you face. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, crochet communities are great places to learn and share!

Here at Antique Crochet Patterns, we are focusing on our primary goal, which is to make our vintage collection of rare and hard to find crochet patterns available to a wider audience via the internet.

As such, we are unable to help with specific crochet pattern questions.

Most of these patterns were designed over half a century ago and originally published by other companies. As well, we have not personally crocheted each of the vintage crochet patterns featured on our site.

We understand that, regardless of whether you are a ‘beginner’ or an ‘expert’, some of these crochet patterns can be hard to understand.

That’s why we have listed some of our favourite crochet forums and communities. Each crochet forum and community in this list has tons and tons of experienced crocheters who are very willing to help with specific crocheting questions – they love the challenge!

We hope you enjoy these vintage patterns, and if you need additional help, check out the crochet communities and forums listed below:

Crochet Communities and Forums

1. Crochetville – Crochetville is a premier online crochet community. It’s the place where crochet enthusiasts from around the world come to get answers, find inspiration, show off projects, dish about yarn and hooks, and just generally share their love of crochet. Crochetville’s rich content and friendly vibe are attracting all types of crocheters, from beginners to serious hobbyists to seasoned professionals, and they are returning to the site again and again.

2. BellaOnline – A place where you can get answers to your crochet questions, see what others are working on, learn something new, share your ideas or just come on in and read.

3. Craft Yarn Council of America (CYCA) Forum

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Hard to Find Supplies

Especially with vintage patterns, you may find it hard to locate the hooks, thread, yarn, or other supplies you need for your crochet project.

Below we have listed some of these online retailers where you will most likely be able to find exactly what you need – and for a great price!

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