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Babies, Infants, and Young Children

We hope that you have enjoyed the large collection of free crochet patterns for babies, infants, and young children on our site.

We’re in the process of making more of these vintage crochet patterns available to a wider audience. If you want to own your own high quality digital version (PDF) of these original vintage pattern books, you can!

Each of these original, unaltered, digitally restored crochet pattern books that are available for immediate download at an incredibly low price

Simply click on the thumbnail image of the pattern book in which you are interested. Clicking on an image (or on the blue link below the image) will take you to the page for that crochet pattern book where you can view more information on the patterns included and the price. Enjoy!

Pattern Books For Babies and Children

Bibs, Blankets, Bonnets, Booties, and More!

Are you looking for a specific crochet pattern book? Simply enter what you looking for in the search box below to see whether we have it.


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