Ombree Robe – Free Crochet Afghan Pattern

This free crochet pattern for an ombree robe was originally published around 1931 by Bucilla in The Afghan Book – Vol 54.

Follow the easy step-by-step instructions of this vintage crochet pattern to make this classic crochet afghan. There is absolutely no charge for personal use of this crocheted afghan pattern.

Crochet Afghan Pattern:
Ombree Robe

Crochet Afghan


BEAR BRAND or BUCILLA 4-fold Zephyr Germantown:
13 balls Ombree Red No. 03, and Ombree Yellow No. 05; 12 balls Black; 6 balls each of Ombree Lavender No. 01 and Ombree Green No. 04.
1 BUCILLA Celluloid Crochet Hook No. 4


The approximate final size of this crochet afghan is 49″ x 71″.

Each square of this crochet ombree robe should measure 5 1/2 inches.


Red-Green Squares

With black, ch 7, 6 s c on chain.

2nd Row – Ch 1, turn, 1 s c in each st.

Repeat 2nd row 3 times.

6th Row – Ch 1, turn, 1 s c in each of 5 sts, 3 s c in next st (corner st), 1 s c on edge of 5 rows on side of black piece; break off and draw end through loop on hook.

7th Row – Turn, with red No. 03. work 1 s c in each of the 6 sts on side of black piece, 3 s c in corner st, 1 s c in each of the remaining 6 sts of last row (15 sts in red row).

8th Row – Ch 1, turn, 1 s c in each st to corner, 3 s c in corner st, 1 s c in each st to end of row.

Repeat last row continuously, using colors as follows: 4 more rows of red No. 03, 6 rows of green No. 04, 6 rows of red No. 03; fasten off.

Final Row – With black, work 1 s c in each st, or row, on all 4 sides of square, 3 s c in the 4 corner sts. The side this black row is worked from, is to be right side of robe, when finished.

Make 59 red-green squares.

Yellow-Lavender Squares

Follow directions for red-green squares, with the first 6 rows worked in black, then 6 rows of yellow No. 05, 6 rows of lavender No. 01, and 6 rows of yellow No. 05. The final round is worked with black, as in red-green squares.

Make 58 yellow-lavender squares.


Darn in all ends. Arrange squares according to illustration. Place right side of last black row to right side of black row of next square, and sew together from wrong side, using on overhand stitch and taking up top thread of sts only. Take care that seams do not bind.


With black, and working from right side, work a row of s c around the entire robe, 3 s c in corner sts.

2nd Row – Same as 1st row.This free crochet pattern for an ombree robe was originally published around 1931 by Bucilla in The Afghan Book – Vol 54

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