High Top Baby Booties – Baby Booties Vintage Crochet Pattern

This crochet high top baby booties pattern was originally published by the Royal Society in 1913, in Crochet Lessons, Vol. 1, No. 3.

Follow the easy step-by-step instructions of this vintage crochet pattern to make an adorable pair of baby booties. There is absolutely no charge for use of this crocheted baby booties pattern.

Free Crochet Baby Bootie Pattern: High Top Baby Booties Crochet Pattern

High Top Baby Booties


1 Ball Royal Society Crochet Cotton, White, Size 5, for principal color
1 Ball Royal Society Crochet Cotton, Size 5, any color for trimming


For this high top baby booties pattern:
A- Indicates Principal Color
B- Indicates Trimming Color.


First Row: A- Ch. 83, catch back into 2nd ch. to form circle, 1 s. c. into each stitch all around. Join with sl. st.

Second Row: 1 d. s. c. (d. s. c. means double single crochet. To make d. s. c. insert hook into first stitch of previous row, pull thread through, wind thread around hook, pull through 1 loop only. This forms a little ch. Wind thread around hook again and pull through the 2 loops on hook. Insert hook into the little ch. and work off like ordinary s. c.) skip 1 stitch of previous row, and repeat all around. Join with sl. st.

Third and Fourth Rows: Same as second row.

Fifth Row: The same as second row, except skip 2 stitches at end of row instead of 1 stitch. Join with sl. st. Repeat fifth row with four more rows. Turn the crocheted circle wrong side out and join together to form the sole with 36 s. c. Finish off. Turn right side out.

Count 32 stitches from where the rows were joined, 1 sl. st. into the next, skip 1, 14 h. d. c., 1 into each, skip 1, 2 sl. st. into the next 2 stitches. Turn, skip 2 sl. st. of previous row, 14 h. d. c. (inserting hook into the back ch. to form rib), 2 sl. st. into the circle forming foot. Turn, skip 2 sl. st. 14 h. d. c., 2 sl. st. into the circle. Turn. Make 10 more rows in the same way. This forms front of bootee. Turn.

Seven sl. st., ch. 17, skip 2, 1 h. d. c. into each ch. all around. Turn.

(*) B- Ch. 2, 1 d. s. c. into first stitch, skip 1, 1 d. s. c. into next, continue all around. Turn. Ch. 1, 1 d. s. c. into first stitch, skip 1, 1 d. s. c. into next. Continue all round. Turn.

A- Ch. 2, 1 h. d. c. into each stitch all round. Turn. Ch. 2, 2 h. d. c. into next 2 stitches, ch. 4, skip 4, 1 h. d. c. in each round. This loop of ch. 4, form buttonhole. Turn, ch. 2, 1 h. d. c. in each all round. Repeat from (*) to (*) until 15 more rows are made.

For Edge of High Top Baby Booties

First Row: 1 sl. st. into front of opening at the foot ch. 2, (*) skip 2 stitches, 1 d. c. into next, ch. 2, 1 d. c. into same, ch. 2, 1 d. c. into same, ch. 2, skip 2, 1 s. c., ch. 2, and repeat from (*) up the front and across the top. Finish off.

Second Row: (**) 2 s. c. into first hole, 3 s. c. into next, 3 s. c. into next, 2 s. c. into next, and repeat from (**) all around.

For Buttons of High Top Baby Booties

Ch. 4, skip 2, 3 s. c. into the next, join to form ring, 2 s. c. into each until 10 s. c. are made. 10 s. c., 1 into each. Fill space with little ball of cotton, skip 1, 1 sl. st., skip 1, 1 sl. st. Continue until ring is closed up.

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