Woman’s Crochet Sweater – Free Vintage Crochet Pattern

This free crochet sweater pattern was originally published by Corticelli in 1916, in Lessons in Crochet – Book No. 1. Now it is really easy for you to crochet this vintage Princess Josephine crocheted sweater.

Follow the easy step-by-step instructions of this vintage crochet pattern to make this lovely sweater in crochet. There is absolutely no charge for personal use of this sweater crochet pattern.

Free Crochet Sweater Pattern:
Crochet this Vintage Sweater

Crochet Sweater - Free Crochet Pattern for a Sweater


Princess Pearl Crochet Cotton, Size 3:
18 Balls Color Pink No. 237 and 2 Balls Color Cream No. 476
1 Bone Crochet Hook No. 4
5 or 10 Flat Pearl Buttons about 1″ in Diameter


This sweater crocheted in the beautiful shade of Pink No. 237 with Cream collar and cuffs makes a stunning garment.

Any other color or combination of colors can he selected from the following: Golden Yellow No. 344; Green Nos. 45 or 45; Red No. 376; Blue No. 34; Light Pink No. 300; Rose Pink No. 239; Dark Lavender No. 93; Golden Orange No. 468; Blue No. 34.

These instructions are for size 36 sweater. Any other size sweater may be made by remembering that 1 Pattern = 1 Inch; and 5 Rows = 1 Inch.

Size 3 Pearl Crochet is a large round thread and it will make a rather heavy, warm sweater. If a lighter weight garment is desired, use Size 5 Pearl Crochet Cotton and still use a size 4 bone crochet hook. The result will be not quite to firm or heavy a sweater, but the size of the finished garment will be practically the same.

This garment measures 25 inches in length from underside of armhole. It can be made longer or shorter by varying the number of rows before beginning to narrow.


Crochet Sweater – Right Front

Begin with Pink Princess Pearl Crochet Cotton, chain 82.

1st and 2nd Rows — Afghan stitch.

3rd Row – * Pick up 4 loops, make a double crochet in 5th loop of 2nd row below, pick up 5th loop of present row.* Repeat to end of row making 16 patterns and 1 stitch over.

These three rows form pattern. Work even for 10 inches. Then decrease 1 stitch on under-arm side every two inches for 10 inches. Then 5 inches even. Next row leave off 2 patterns at end for arm-hole.

There should now be 12 patterns. Decrease 1 stitch at arm-hole every row for 10 rows. 2 inches even. Now leave off 10 stitches for neck, then work arm-hole side even, and decrease 1 stitch every row at neck for 2 1/2 inches. Finish off shoulder with slip stitch.

Crochet Sweater – Hem

Pick up stitches down front, work 2 rows loosely and finish in slip switch. Repeat across bottom. Reverse directions for left front.

Back of Sweater

Chain 111.

1st and 2nd Row – Afghan Stitch.

Pick up 3 loops, make a double crochet in 4th loop of 2nd row below, pick up 4th loop of present row and follow directions of front, from * to *. 9 inches even, decrease 1 in center, 2 1/2 inches even, decrease 1 in center, 1/2 inch even. * decrease 1 each side, 1 inch even *, repeat once, decrease 1 each side and 1 in center, 2 1/2 inches even, decrease 1 in center, 7 inches even, increase 1 each side of center stripe, 1 inch even, increase 1 each side of center stripe, 1/2 inch even. This will be 25 inches from bottom. Leave off 10 stitches each side for under-arm, 6 inches even; finish across with slip stitch. Make bottom hem as on front.

Making the Sleeves

Chain 54. Even for 2 1/2 inches, * increase 1 each side, 1 inch even * repeat 12 times. 1/2 inch more even, leave off 4 each side for under-arm. Decrease 1 each end of every row until only 25 stitches remain, slip stitch these and break off. With white, working on wrong side at cuff, make a single crochet in every stitch, chain 1, turn. Make 20 rows single crochet (both loops).

Crochet Sweater – Collar

White – Chain 7.

1st Row – 6 single crochet.

2nd Row – 11 single crochet.

3rd Row – Add chain of 7.

4th Row – 17 single crochet.

5th Row – Add chain of 8.

6th Row – 24 single crochet.

Make 94 rows even, (or the required length,) then decrease by reversing first 6 rows.

Crochet Sweater – Pockets

Pink – chain 25. Make 8 patterns: with white, make 8 rows single crochet, fasten to sweater 2 patterns from side, 2 inches from bottom.

Making the Belt for this Crocheted Sweater

White – Chain 12. Make 14 inches single crochet. Fasten to side seams in back, 16 inches from bottom.

Buttons and Loops for Sweater

To make loops, crochet a chain 6 inches long, turn and work back making a chain and catching each stitch into a loop of the original chain, turn again and do the same on other side of original chain. Sew on sweater with same material. Attach 5 or 10 Pearl Buttons for either single or double breasted effect as desired.

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