Free Crochet Hat Patterns – Easy Hats and Caps to Crochet

Crochet hat patterns – free antique and vintage beanie, beret, bonnet, cap, cloche, fez, and other hat patterns. Check out our large collection of patterns for crochet hats – you will love the large variety!

About Crochet Patterns for Hats

Hats are one of the easiest items to crochet. For only a few hours of your time and very little money, you can crochet a charming hat to match any outfit you possess (and yes, we do mean ANY).

In addition to being inexpensive and easy to crochet, crocheted hats are excellent fashion accessories. Whatever your outfit, whatever your mood, it is simple to make a hat that matches. It is also easy to customize each hat to make its style and flair uniquely yours.

Crochet hats are not worn only to complement an outfit or draw attention to your smiling face – they are also great for keeping your head warm! In the winter it is always great to have a soft, cozy, and comfortable crocheted hat. Who doesn’t like to be nice and warm?

Crochet caps are not only for the winter though. You can wear them in any and all season. In winter you can wear thicker ones to keep you warm, and in the summer you can wear a light hat or beanie.

Crochet baby hats are very popular and for good reason – they are soft, comfortable, and incredibly cute. Is it any wonder that crochet hats make great gift for any newborn babies, infants, or even toddlers?

If you are one of those people who feel that you can never have too many hats, you will love our large collection of free crochet hat patterns

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Crochet Pattern Books for Hats

This large collection of unique and fashionable hat patterns comes from the vintage crochet pattern books that we own. Here are some of the books that have classic crochet hat patterns in them:

Click here for our complete collection of crochet pattern books.

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