Vintage Baby’s Filet Jacket – Free Crochet Pattern

This vintage baby’s filet jacket was originally published in the 1920’s. This beautiful, antique baby clothing pattern is available for free!

Follow the easy step-by-step instructions of this vintage crochet pattern to make this classic baby filet jacket. There is absolutely no charge for personal use of this crocheted baby afghan pattern.

Free Crochet Sweater Pattern:
How to Crochet a Child’s Sweater


1 Large Hank of No. 2 Perle Cotton
1 Steel Crochet Hook


Commence with 98 ch, turn and make 1 treble, in 8th stitch from needle. * 2 ch, miss two, 1 treble in next. Repeat from * to end (30) holes.

2nd Row – Turn with 5 chain, 1 treble in 1st treble (this stands for 1st hole), 2 chain 1 treble in next treble, * 2 treble in hole, 1 treble on next treble (this is called a block – bk), 2 treble in next hole, 1 treble on next treble. Now work on alternately 3 holes, 2 blocks, ending row with 2 holes.

3rd Row – 1 h, 1 bk, 2 h, 1 bk. Repeat from * ending row with 1 hole.

4th Row – Like 3rd.

5th Row – Like 2nd.

6th Row – All holes.

For remainder of back work as follows:

1st Row – 1 h, * 1 bk, 3 h. Repeat from *, ending with 1 hole.

2nd Row – 4 h, * 1 bk, 3 h. Repeat from * to end.

Repeat these 2 rows 7 times, and break off thread. Make 21 ch 1 treble into treble where you broke off; then work pattern as usual across back; then make 26 ch. Turn and make 1 treble in 8th stitch from needle, then 1 bk, d h, alternately along chain across back and alone other chain, ending with 1 hole. Work 10 more rows keeping pattern correct all the while.

Next Row – Work as usual over 16 of the little squares, turn and work backward and forward 4 times more, then at neck end add 26 chain for front, turn and make 1 treble in 8th stitch from needle, * 2 chain, miss two. 1 treble in next. Repeat, from * 5 times more, then pattern as usual to end of row.

Next Row – Pattern as usual over 16 holes, then 3 h, 2 bk, 2 h.

Next Row – 1 h, 1 bk, 2 h, 1 bk, 1 h, then pattern as usual.

Next Row – Pattern as usual over 17 holes, then 1 h, 1 bk, 2 h, 1 bk, 1 h.

Next Row – 2 h, 2 bk, 2 h, then pattern to end.

Next Row – Pattern as usual over 17 holes, then 7 holes.

Repeat last 5 rows five times more, except when you have 24 rows at cuff you will leave 7 squares unworked as sleeve ends here.

Work other side to correspond.


Begin at end of sleeve and work 2 h, * 2 bk, 4 h. Repeat from *, end row with 2 h.

2nd Row – 1 h, *1 bk, 2 h. Repeat from *, end row with 1 h.

3rd Row – Like 2nd.

4th Row – Like 1st.

5th Row – All holes.


1 double crochet in 1st hole, 1 picot, (4 chain, join back into top of double crochet just made), 1 double crochet in same hole, * 1 double crochet in next hole, 1 double crochet. 1 picot, 1 double crochet all in next hole. Repeat from * to end. Break off thread.

Sew up sleeves and sides, leaving last 12 rows open at foot.

Work 1 row of holes around neck, taking 2 together at the corners, and then work edge the same as on sleeves all around entire jacket. Thread ribbon through holes at neck to tie.

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