Free Crochet Baby Bunting Patterns – Easy Vintage Baby Buntings

View the thumbnail images below to select the crochet baby bunting patterns you want to investigate further. Clicking on a photo will take you to the pattern page for each of the vintage buntings where you can also view a larger photo of the finished product. Enjoy!

About Crochet Patterns for Baby Buntings

As parents and grandparents, we want to give our children and grand children nothing but the best in safety, softness and durability. As friends, we’d love to give the new parents in our lives practical, safe and long-lasting newborn gifts. Well – a baby bunting is the perfect answer!

A baby bunting is a sleeping bag-like garment or covering worn by infants. With it, it is easy to ensure that baby stays well covered while in strollers, joggers, and baby carriages. Your baby won’t feel even the winter breeze while insulated from the cold in a warm and cozy bunting.

Could there be anything cuter or cozier for a cold winter day?

On top of that, these baby sacks save time and make life easier for the mother. There is no more fiddling with straps or bending tiny arms and fiddling little hands to fit into tight sleeves! No more lost or snagged blankets! Mom is happy, baby is happy, what more do you need?

If you are interested in crocheting a snug little duffel bunting bag, these simple crochet baby bunting patterns are exactly what you need!

In no time at all, that special baby will be cozy, dry, protected, and sleeping happily in his or her handmade, cuddly baby bunting.

More Free Crochet Patterns for Babies

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Crochet Pattern Books for Babies

All the unique and lovely crochet patterns for buntings on this page came from our large collection of vintage crochet pattern books.

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