Free Safety Purse Pattern – Easy Crochet Bag Patterns

This crochet safety purse pattern was originally published by the Royal Society in 1913, in Crochet Lessons, Vol. 1, No. 3.

Follow the easy step-by-step instructions of this vintage crochet purse pattern to make something you (or someone else) will treasure. There is no charge for use of this crocheted purse pattern.

Crochet Safety Purse Pattern: Pattern No. 1018

Vintage Crochet Safety Purse


1 ball Royal Society Crochet Cotton, size 5, any color
Brass Ring, 1 inch in diameter
Crochet Hook, No. 7


Ch. 73. Connect with sl. st. into second ch. Ch. 4. skip 1, 1 d. c. ch. 1, skip 1, 1 d. c. continue until 35 d. c. are made. Connect with sl. st. into third ch. of ch. 4, ch. 4, 1 d. c. into spoke, ch. 1 d. c. into next spoke. Continue all around and repeat until 15 rows are made.

Ch. 4, 1 d. c. into spoke, ch. 1, 1 d. c. into next spoke, continue until 17 d. c. are made. Turn.

Ch. 4, 1 d. c. into spoke, ch. 1, 1 d. c. into next spoke, continue row. Turn, and make 6 more rows in same way. These last 6 rows form the flap of the bag.

Picot edge for flap and end of bag.

1 s. c. into first hole ch. 4, catch back into first ch. to form picot. 1 s. c. into same, (*) 2 s. c. into the next hole, ch. 4, form picot, 2 s. c. into next hole, 1 s. c. into the following hole, ch. 4, form picot, 1 s. c. into same. Repeat from (*) all around flap. Make same picot edge across end through both sides.

For Fringe – Cut 7 threads 6 inches long, pull them through each picot, double and knot.

For Draw Stings for Ring – 2 s. c. into brass ring. Ch. 25, catch through the first hole of the sixth row of flap and first hole of first row of bag. Pull loop back through the same hole of flap, ch. 25, 2 s. c. into ring, and repeat across bag, skipping every other hole. Cover remaining part of ring with s. c.

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