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Crochet Pattern Books with Patterns for Potholders

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Crochet Pattern Books for Potholders

This huge variety of patterns for crochet potholders came from our large collection of old crochet pattern books. Here are some of the books that have vintage crochet potholder patterns:

Potholder Pattern Book - 40 Hot Pot Holders and Other Gadgets 40 Pot Holders and Other...
Potholder Pattern Book - Lily Pot Holders and Oven Mitts Lily Pot Holders and Oven Mitts
Potholder Pattern Book - Pocket Pot Holders Book 69 Pocket Pot Holders Book 69
Potholder Pattern Book - Pot Holders Book 6 Pot Holders
Book 6
Potholder Pattern Book - Pot Holders Book 32 Pot Holders
Book 32
Potholder Pattern Book - Pot Holders Book 55 Pot Holders
Book 55
Potholder Pattern Book - Pot Holders Book 101 Pot Holders
Book 101
Potholder Pattern Book - Pot Holders Book 196 Pot Holders
Book 196

Click here for our complete collection of crochet pattern books.

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