Christmas Tree Pattern
Free Crochet Pattern

This Christmas tree pattern is simple to crochet and will make a great addition to your other Christmas season decorations.

Follow the easy step-by-step instructions of this vintage crochet pattern to make this seasonal tree ornament for your home. There is absolutely no charge for personal use of this Christmas themed crochet pattern.

Free Crochet Pattern for Christmas:
How to Crochet a Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree - Free Crochet Pattern


This Christmas tree may be made with any of the AMERICAN THREAD COMPANY products listed below:

Material: "STAR" BLEND YARN Article 75
Quantity: 4 Skeins Dk. Green
Approx Height: 10 Inches
Size of Needle: Plastic or Aluminum F


Material: "STAR" RUG YARN Article 44
Quantity: 5 Skeins Dk. Green
Approx Height: 12 Inches
Size of Needle: Plastic or Aluminum G


Material: "AUNT LYDIAS" HEAVY RUG YARN Article 235
Quantity: 5 Skeins Dk. Green
Approx Height: 14 Inches
Size of Needle: Plastic or Aluminum H



Foundation: Ch 3, s c in 2nd st from hook, 1 s c in next st, ch 1 to turn all rows.

2nd Row. 2 s c in each s c.

3rd Row. Work even in s c.

4th & 5th Rows. Increase 1 sc at the beginning and end of each row.

6th Row. Work even.

7th Row. Increase 2 sts evenly spaced but not at ends. Work 1 row even.

9th Row. Increase 1 st at center.

10th Row. Increase 3 sts evenly spaced.

Work 1 row even.

Repeat last 2 rows 5 times.

22nd & 23rd Rows. Work even.

24th Row. Same as 10th row.

Repeat the last 3 rows 9 times.

Work 1 row even, cut yarn.

Cut a piece of cardboard about 1/2 inch larger on sides only than foundation. Overlap edges together 1/2 inch and fasten.

Fringe: Cut strands 5 inches long. If "STAR" BLEND YARN is used, cut strands 4 inches long. Starting at the 4th row from lower edge, * pull 3 strands through each st, skip 2 rows and working upward repeat from * 12 times, * pull 3 strands through each st of next row, skip 1 row, repeat from * once, then pull 3 strands through each st of each row until entire foundation is covered. Sew sides together. Place over cardboard. Decorate as illustrated.

This pattern for a crochet snowflake was originally published by the American Thread Company in 1951 in in "Crochet for Christmas".

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