Share Your Best Crochet Tips

At one time, you were a beginner at crocheting. Over time, you have probably learned many tips, tricks, and techniques that the other readers of this website would find useful. Now you can share your best crochet tips and time-saving techniques.

While you are thinking about what you would like to share, here are some great reasons to share your crochet know how online:

1. You Get to Pay Something Back

We never went to crochet school. In fact, we have never even taken a crocheting class. All that we know came from reading crocheting books, asking around, participating in online forums, and reading blogs.

With this website, we get to share some of this knowledge back with the great online crocheting community - and now you can too!

2. It's Contagious - Join the Party

In the beginning there were only few online crochet sites and blogs. Now there are quite a few - all out to share what they know. Join in to make the online crochet community all the better!

3. You Give - You Get

One of the great things about sharing crochet information online is that it does not get wasted when shared - it gets multiplied many times over.

By sharing ideas and techniques with each other, we actually can learn and build on each others ideas - takes much longer to do on your own!

4. It Makes the World Smaller

This is one of the best reasons to share your crochet knowledge.

By sharing, you will make friends with and learn from crocheters all over the world - young, old, beginners, and advanced. All share a passion for crochet - all have something to share!

5. To Show Off

If you have a really great tip, idea, or trick, why not show off? Others will appreciate you showing off how much you know (within reason :))!

6. Really, Why Not Share?

Try and think really deep. Is there a reason not to share what you know?

It is really hard to find one. I mean, the good crochet juice in your mind, not in your equipment and setup. Why not give others a bouncing board that will help them unleash their potential?

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