Roses in Bloom Afghan - Crochet Afghan
Free Crochet Afghan Pattern

This free crochet pattern for a roses in bloom afghan was originally published around 1940 in Afghans Book 239.

Follow the easy step-by-step instructions of this vintage crochet pattern to make this classic crochet afghan. There is absolutely no charge for personal use of this crocheted afghan pattern.

Crochet Afghan Pattern:
Roses in Bloom Afghan

Crochet Afghan - Roses in Bloom Afghan


41 Balls (1 oz. Balls) of French Gold:
21 Balls of Leaf Green
4 Balls each of Florida Blue and Deep Rose
3 Balls of Mid Rose
2 Balls each of Wild Rose, Blue Jewel, and Oak Green
Bone Afghan Hook No. 6 (4 1/4 mm. size)


Approximately 50 x 70 inches (including fringe).

Diagram for Making Cross Stitches Over Afghan Stitch


Wide Strip (Make 5)

Starting at narrow end with Gold, ch 40 to measure 8 1/4 inches. Work in afghan stitch - 40 loops on hook - until piece measures 62 inches.

Narrow Strip (Make 6)

With Leaf Green, ch 9 and work 3 rows of afghan stitch.

4th row: Work in afghan stitch until there are 4 loops on hook; yarn over hook 3 times, insert hook in 2nd vertical bar 3 rows down and draw a loop through, (yarn over and draw through 2 loops) 3 times; yarn over hook 3 times, skip 5 bars 3 rows down and draw a loop through the next vertical bar, (yarn over and draw through 2 loops) 4 times - a herringbone stitch made - skip the st directly behind the herringbone st and draw a loop in each of next 4 vertical bars (9 loops on hook). Complete as for afghan stitch row.

5th row: Work in afghan stitch.

Repeat 4th and 5th rows alternately until strip measures 62 inches. Break off.

The Embroidery

Examine the diagram for making cross stitches over afghan stitch (see 'notes' section).

Embroider two complete designs according to the chart below, spacing them evenly apart.

Roses in Bloom Embroidery

Embroider 2 more Wide Strips in the same way.

Sew strips neatly together, alternating Narrow and Wide Strips, having an embroidered strip at each side and in center. Starting at one corner with Leaf Green, make a row of slip stitches around all sides. Join.

Now work along short side as follows: Sc in next 2 sl sts, * ch 2, skip 2 sts, sc in next 2 sts. Repeat from * across narrow end only. Break off.

Work other end to correspond.


Cut 6 strands of Leaf Green, each 12 inches long. Double these strands to form a loop, insert hook in ch-2 sp and draw loop through, draw loose ends through loop and pull up tightly. Make a fringe in each ch-2 sp across each short side. Trim evenly.

This free crochet pattern for a roses in bloom afghan was originally published around 1940 in Afghans Book 239.

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