My Grandpa's Latch Hook

A latch hook typically used for rug making

A latch hook typically used for rug making

Ever since I got back into crochet, I have been finding my wooden latch hook a very useful tool for finishing touches. Latch hooks are usually used for making rugs but it also can be used to conceal the ends of the yarn without having to thread the yarn into a tapestry needle or punching your crochet hook into your work. It enables you to finish your projects without leaving gaps on the crocheted fabric as quickly as you can snip the yarn off.

The latch hook is not only a staple on my crochet endeavors but also a reminder of how I fell in love with threads in the first place. My late grandfather before owns a knitted gloves factory and he used to have the latch hook by his working table to mend holes or loose threads on the machine-manufactured gloves. Now that the factory has shut down, this special hook gives me a reminiscing feeling of how it was being surrounded with gloves, threads and nostalgia from a loving grandpa :)

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