Make Realistic Resolutions
For a Change

by Leslie
(Texas, USA)

I lead Project Angel Kisses Ministry for preemies. Like lots of people, I promise myself to make a certain number of items to donate to our NICU's every year. The number is always very high.

I have some serious health problems that make it impossible to attain the high standards I hold myself to yet I continue to set these goals then beat myself up when I can't reach them.

My new resolution is simply to do what I have always asked of our members. I pledge to do what I can do, as I am able to do it, when it comes to crocheting and sewing for others. With any ministry or charity, even one item like a hat will make a difference and help someone who otherwise would not be helped.

It's not the number of gifts you make that help the most. It's the love and prayers that go into making each gift that's most important.

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For a Change

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Jan 22, 2011
Thank you
by: Cristina

That was a joy to read.

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