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If you are interested in learning how to crochet, these free, online crochet lessons are just what you are looking for! We have assembled an online encyclopedia of crochet information to help you find the information that you need in order to make your crochet project a success!

As you will see below, we have organized these crochet instructions and information into different 'lessons'. We advise that as you learn how to crochet, you go step-by-step through these lessons.

However, you can do these crochet lessons in any order you wish. If you come to a crochet lesson that you are already familiar with - feel free to skip ahead. You can learn about crochet in any order you'd like.

We are sure that with these clear, concise lessons and information, you will learn how to crochet in no time at all. You'll be amazed how quickly you can master this fun and relaxing hobby!

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Crochet

Crocheting is the process of creating fabric from yarn or thread using a crochet hook. Simply by combining a easy set of basic stitches, you can create an infinite assortment of items! In this lesson, you will find a brief overview and introduction to crocheting.

Part 1: The History of Crochet

Part 2: Join the Crochet Community

Part 3: Crochet for Knitters

Part 4: Find Resources on the Internet

Lesson 2 - Tools and Yarn

Before you start crocheting, it is important to take some time and become familiar with the tools and yarn that you will use along the way as you learn how to crochet. In this lesson, you will learn about crochet tools and yarn, and how to choose the right one for your project.

Part 1: Crochet Hooks

LEARN MORE: Crochet Hook Conversion Chart

Part 2: Other Crochet Tools

Part 3: Yarn Construction and Packaging

Part 4: Yarn Fibers

Part 5: Yarn Length and Dye Lot

Part 6: Yarn Care and Storage

Part 7: Yarn Weight and Care Symbols

Lesson 3: Getting Started and Basic Stitches

Here you learn how to begin a crochet project and how to form the basic stitches. In this lesson, you will learn all the basics - from attaching yarn to your hook, to working in rows, and much, much more!

Part 1: How to Hold Your Hook

Part 2: How to Hold Your Yarn

Part 3: Choose a Learning Yarn and Hook

Part 4: Notes for Left-Handed Crocheters

Part 5: Make a Slip Knot

Part 6: Make a Chain Stitch

Part 7: Make a Foundation Chain

Part 8: Identify Parts of the Chain

Part 9: Making a Turning Chain

Part 10: Make a Slip Stitch

Part 11: Make a Single Crochet

Part 12: Make a Half Double Crochet

Part 13: Make a Double Crochet

Part 14: Make a Treble Crochet

Part 15: Count Your Stitches

Part 16: How Hook Size Affects Stitches

Part 17: Take Your Measurements

Part 18: Estimate Stitch and Row Count

Part 19: Estimate How Much Yarn You Need

Lesson 4: Basic Crochet Techniques

Once you know the basic stitches, you are ready to move on to more adventurous crochet. In this lesson, you will learn how to shape your crochet pieces, work in the round, change colors, and finish off a project.

Part 1: How to Increase

Part 2: How to Decrease

Part 3: Decrease Gradually by Working Stitches Together

Part 4: Create a Ring Using the Chain Stitch

Part 5: Create a Ring by Using a Loop

Part 6: Work in the Round: Rounds

Part 7: Work in the Round: Spiral Method

Part 8: Shape in the Round: Gradual Increases

Part 9: Join a New Ball of Yarn and Change Color

Part 10: Basic Finishing Techniques

Lesson 5: Crochet Stitch Variations

Most crochet stitch patterns are made up of basic stitches. However endless different effects and textures can be created by variations on the basic crochet stitches. In this lesson, you will learn how to crochet some of these crochet stitch variations.

Part 1: Make a Double Treble Crochet

Part 2: Make an Extended Single Crochet

Part 3: Make an Extended Double Crochet

Part 4: Make and Extended Half Double Crochet

Part 5: Make a Crab Stitch

Part 6: Make a Border by Using Crab Stitch

Lesson 6: More Crochet Stitches

Part 1: Make an Afghan Stitch

This Lesson is Under Constructions. Thanks for Your Patience!

Lesson 7:

This Lesson is Under Constructions. Thanks for Your Patience!

Lesson 8: Following a Crochet Pattern

Crochet patterns can look intimidating - in fact, you may think they look like they are written in another language. In this lesson, you will learn to follow a crochet pattern with ease. It really is easy!

Part 1: Working from a Pattern

Part 2: Understanding Crochet Abbreviations

Part 3: Read a Pattern

Part 4: Understanding Gauge

Part 5: Measure Your Gauge

Part 6: Understanding Crochet Symbols

Lesson 9:

This Lesson is Under Constructions. Thanks for Your Patience!

Lesson 10:

This Lesson is Under Constructions. Thanks for Your Patience!

Lesson 11:

This Lesson is Under Constructions. Thanks for Your Patience!

Lesson 12:

This Lesson is Under Constructions. Thanks for Your Patience!

Lesson 13:

This Lesson is Under Constructions. Thanks for Your Patience!

Chapter 14:

This Lesson is Under Constructions. Thanks for Your Patience!

Crocheting is a fun and relaxing hobby. We hope that these free crochet lessons have helped you to learn how to crochet. Feel free to come back and browse these lessons as often as you wish. Enjoy your crocheting!

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