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Free Crochet Lesson and Description of Crochet Stitches


Lesson 1 and 2. - First movements in crochet 3. - Chain stitch. 4. - Single crochet and slip stitch. 5. - Double crochet. 6. - Flat double crochet. 7. - Treble and short treble. 8. - Double treble.

Chain (ch): A series of stitches or loops, each drawn with the hook through the stitch preceding. USA equivalent – (Ch)

Slip Stitch (sl st): Drop the stitch on hook, insert hook in work, pick up the dropped stitch and draw through. This is used as a joining stitch where very close work is wanted, or for "slipping" from one point to another without breaking thread. USA – (Sl st)

Single Crochet (s c): Having a stitch on needle, insert hook in work, take up thread and draw through work and stitch on needle at the same time. This is often called slip-stitch, for which it is frequently used, and also close chain stitch.

Double Crochet (d c): Having a stitch on needle (as will be understood in following directions), insert hook in work, take up thread and draw through, thread over again and draw through the two stitches on needle. USA – (Sc)

Treble Crochet (tr): Thread over needle, hook through work, thread over and draw through work, making three stitches on the needle, over and draw through two, over and draw through remaining two. USA – (Dc)

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Half Treble or Short Treble Crochet (h tr c): Like treble, until you have the three stitches on needle; thread over and draw through all at once, instead of, working them off two at a time. USA – (Hdc)

Long Treble Crochet (1 tr): Like treble until you have the three stitches on needle; thread over and draw through one (thread over, draw through two) twice.

Double Treble Crochet (d tr): Thread over twice, hook in work, draw through, making four stitches on needle; (over and draw through two) three times. USA – (Tr)

Triple Treble Crochet (t tr): Thread over three times, hook in work and draw through, making five stitches on the needle; work off the stitches two at a time, as before directed. For quadruple treble put thread over four times, and proceed in the same manner; other longer stitches the same. USA – (Dtr)

Space (sp) in Filet-crochet: Open squares or meshes formed by, chain 2, miss 2, treble in next stitch.

Lacet (let): A fancy network often introduced into filet patterns, to give variety, or to pick out parts of the design.

Open Lacet or Bar: Chain 5, miss 5 stitches, treble in next.

Close Lacet: Chain 3, miss 2 stitches, double in next (or into the open lacet), chain 3, miss 2, treble in next.

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