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Ergonomic crochet hooks are specially designed for comfort. If you suffer from conditions such as arthritis, tendinitis, or repetitive stress injuries, crocheting may be especially difficult.

As an aside - if you are interested in comfortable crochet hook handles because of a medical condition, it is important that you discuss the situation with your doctor before crocheting. As well, you should regularly do these exercises to warm up, stretch, and strengthen your wrists.

That being said, if you are looking for a comfortable crochet hook, here are some crochet hooks for you to consider. These crocheting hooks are designed to be ergonomically correct and to reduce fatigue.

With these crochet hooks, you can crochet tirelessly for hour after hour without finger or hand cramps! These ergonomic hooks fit your hand perfectly. You'll never know the thrill of effortless crocheting until you've tried these amazingly comfortable crochet hooks.

Clover Soft Touch Crochet Hooks

'Soft Touch' crochet hooks are designed with cushy, large handles. They are comfortable, light weight, ergonomic, and easy to hang on to. These comfortable crochet hooks come in both regular and steel sizes.

The cushy handle on these crochet hooks is designed to make crocheting comfortable - even after long hours! These ergonomic crochet hooks also come with large size numbers to make it easy to select the right size. For obvious reasons, crocheters tend to like these hooks.

Clover also makes organizers that are designed to hold these hooks.

Soft Touch Steel Crochet Hook Size 0 Size 0
Soft Touch Steel Crochet Hook Size 2 Size 2
Soft Touch Steel Crochet Hook Size 4 Size 4
Soft Touch Steel Crochet Hook Size 6 Size 6
Soft Touch Steel Crochet Hook Size 8 Size 8
Soft Touch Steel Crochet Hook Size 10 Size 10
Soft Touch Steel Crochet Hook Size 12 Size 12
Soft Touch Steel Crochet Hook Size 14 Size 14

Clover Reflections Crochet Hooks

Clover 'Reflections' hooks have comfortable and ergonomic crochet handles. They are slightly different than the soft touch hooks in that they have the added bonus of each hook size being a different color.

You will find that having each crochet hook size a different color is really helpful - even if you have no problem reading the tiny numbers and letters on normal crochet hooks. Once you learn which color is which size - you can tell which size you are grabbing simply by looking at the color!

Reflections Crochet Hook Set Sizes G, H, and J Ergonomic Crochet Hook Set
Sizes G, H, and J
Reflections Crochet Hook Set Sizes K, L, and N Ergonomic Crochet Hook Set
Sizes K, L, and N

Provocraft Hook and Handles Set

This ProvoCraft hook and handles set was designed by a crafter with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). If you experience any pain or difficulty holding a regular crochet hook, this kit may help keep you crocheting.

This hook and handles set is great for anyone who loves to crochet, but who finds it painful or uncomfortable to crochet for a long time.

ProvoCraft Ergonomic Crochet Tool Provo Craft Ergonomic Crochet Tool

Here's what is included with this comfortable crochet handles set - you get two ergonomic crochet handles - one soft touch straight handle and one trigger handle with four possible holding positions. Both of these crochet handles hold each of the seven hooks - F(3.75mm), G(4mm), H(5mm), I(5.5mm), J(6mm), K(6.5mm).

Also included with this set is a 'Knifty Knitter' hook (as a bonus!) as well as a zippered, canvas carrying case. Not only is this crochet set easy on your hand and fingers, it is also easy to store and to take with you!

Eleggant Hooks

Eleggant Hooks

If you experience pain in your hooking hand or problems gripping a regular hook, these egg shape ergonomic crochet hooks will help you - they are comfortable to hold and let you control more of the positioning with the palm of your hand, so there is less pressure on your forefinger and thumb. Check them out at: Eleggant Hooks.

Here is their promotional video as well:

5. Crochet Hook Comfort Grips

If you have already purchased crochet hooks and found them not to be very comfortable to use, you do not necessarily need to buy all new hooks. You can also purchase what are called crochet hook comfort grips. These comfort grips fit over your current crochet hooks and make them much more comfortable to use.

In Summary...

Crocheting is a repetitive activity. As such, it can lead to repetitive strain injuries. Even with the most comfortable and ergonomic crochet hook, it is important to remember to take regular breaks and to stretch your hands (and your arms and backs too - if you are like most crocheters and end up hunched up over your work). Your body will thank you for it!

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