Crochet With More than One Color

by B. Brookins
(Saint John, New Brunswick Canada)

This works great if you are using more than one color.

Choose an ice cream container of the right size, cut a small hole in the top, put wool or yarn in container, slip the end of the wool through the hole in the lid, and place the lid on the container.

This keeps the wool clean, and much easier to handle.

And it works great when using more than one wool, just use the right number of containers. My mother use to do this when she was making Argyle Socks and such.

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Sep 27, 2012
Lidded gift boxes
by: Anonymous

I like to use the gift boxes that are received each year for this same basic idea! I cut a slot into one side of the lid (up the side and about 1/2 inch toward the center) so that I can ALWAYS get to and remove the thread or yarn from the box at any stage of the pattern! For convenience I also braid a length of string and put through small holes drilled into the sides at the center so that I may carry it around easier! Empty coffee cans work well also but you must be sure there are no rough edges to snag yarn!

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