Crochet for Fun and Mission!

by A.Siador

I am not an expert in crocheting. Actually, one of my students was shocked upon seeing my screen with the Crochet Resolution Contest flashed on it and she didn't bother to asked: " Teacher, you know how to crochet?" I just smiled. It's an irony, right? A teacher joining a Crochet Resolution Contest but not an expert in crocheting.

Well, during my Grade School and High school days, we are given projects in Crocheting in our Home Economics and Livelihood Education. I could still remember saving some money to buy hook and colorful yarns. My first piece was a "Center table" made from brightly colored orange yarn with white lining. I am very proud then and it was rated with B+ because I was late in submitting it. My mother keep my first piece neatly. But I am the person who do not go for high grades, I prefer enjoying tasks and learning about it. I even get excited and became more interested in crocheting when I went to High School. More projects were given and I remember not sleeping for one day just to complete a crochet project of a Table Cloth.

Those were the days, time slips very fast and I am now 31 years old and turning 32 this May. My skill in crocheting is no longer develop. And that is my New Year's Resolution this 2011!!! To practice, practice and to practice more my crocheting skill. It would require me a lot of effort to try, because I need to manage my schedule. Maybe I could start first with a basic tutorial (again) from online sources which I do need to read a lot, I just need to find a good video tutorial and presto! I can now learn. Maybe my first project would be mittens for my cute baby nephew who never missed to make me smile and laugh while giggling with him. I will also try to make cute little shoes for him! But my main project for this year is a complete set of curtains for our ancestral house. It is my mission to complete 8 pieces of curtains for all the windows of our house. I just hope I could finish them until December 31, 2011.

Crocheting is fun, exciting, a worthwhile and an income generating activity. It's my mission this 2011 to be more PRODUCTIVE, so I will do CROCHET projects!

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Jan 21, 2011
best wishes
by: Cristina

I hope you find the time to practice.

I only started at the end of last year, and I love it, but I'm already 26 and don't have too much time on my hands either.

Someone who loves crochet is bound to be a great teacher, too. :D

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