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In the 1920s, the boudoir cap was a must-have fashion accessory for women across all social classes. They were worn first thing in the morning when drinking morning tea. For the 'smart bedroom woman', boudoir caps were widely used as they were cheap to buy or make.

Follow the easy step-by-step instructions of this vintage crochet pattern to make this classic dainty boudoir cap. There is absolutely no charge for personal use of this crochet hat pattern.

Free Crochet Hat Pattern:
Crochet Boudoir Cap Pattern

Crochet Boudoir Cap


CMC Coronnet Size 40, Two Balls
Ribbon, 1 1/4 Yards About and Inch Wide


This cap could be made in colors to match a dressing gown, either one solid color or white with colored ruffle or edging.

The cap is made to fit the head and a beading is crocheted between the cap part and the ruffle, through which a ribbon is drawn and may be used to tighten the cap, if necessary.


114 ch, dc in 8th ch, 2 ch, dc in every 3rd ch the length of the 114 ch; there should be 36 meshes in 1st row, 7 ch, turn.

2nd Row - Dc in 1st dc, 2ch, dc in dc, continue this across and at the end an extra 2 ch with a tr in same dc, 7ch, turn.

3rd Row - Dc in tr, then continue the filet meshes across with the 2 ch, dc in dc, then 2 ch, dc in 3rd st of 7 ch, 2 ch, tr in same st, thus increasing the length of each row 2 meshes by adding one at each end.

Continue this for 27 rows.

Then make 36 rows of equal number of meshes.

Then reduce the number of meshes 2 in each row for 27 rows.

This forms the top of the cap.

The figures are made by 2 dc over 2 ch of mesh according to illustrations.

A row of 2 dc in each mesh around the top; then for the space to run the ribbon in to fit it to the head, a ch of 24 and 2 sc in 2dc, turn 10 dc over 24 ch, 18 ch, 2 sc in 2 dc of 4th mesh, 18 ch, 2 sc in 2 dc of 4th mesh. So on around. Then a row of 8 dc in each space, then 8 rows of filet meshes as described.

For the lace edge, 13 ch, dc in 10th ch, 4 ch, dc in same st, 4 ch, dc in same st, 4 ch, 4 sc in edge of filet border, 4 ch, dc in middle loop of the group of three, then 3 more dc in middle loop, 4 ch, 4 sc in edge of filet border, skipping 4 ch between the last group of 4 sc in edge of border. Continue this around the edge which finishes the crochet boudoir cap.

This free crochet boudoir cap pattern was originally published by Corticelli in 1916, in Lessons in Crochet - Book No. 1.

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