January 2011 Crochet Contest Voting
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Thanks for taking the time to vote in this contest and help to decide a winner and runner-up. If you would like to review the entries again, please click here. Voting is open until February 8, 2011 at 12 noon.

Crochet For Charity
Crochet For Fun and Mission!
Crochet Resolution
Crochet Resolutions for the New Year
I Want to Be More Creative!
I Suppose I'm Hopeful
Expanding My Crochet Skills in 2011
Find a Local Place to Donate
Get Rid of the OLD and Try on the NEW
Make Realistic Resolutions for a Change
My Crochet Resolution 2011
Rose Tablecloth
Supporting and Caring
Time Slips Through Our Fingers
To Learn to Crochet

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