Chain Stitch - How to Crochet It

It is essential to learn how to crochet a chain stitch. Every project you ever do is going to begin with a row of chain stitches.

Holding the hook between the first finger and thumb of the right hand, and letting the second finger rest near the point of the hook, make a slip loop and pass it on to the hook.

Holding the work, as it is formed, between the first finger and thumb of the left hand, pass the wool from the ball over the first and second fingers, under the third and round the little finger, all of the left hand.

Holding the Wool and Hook

Holding the wool between the first finger and thumb of the left hand, with the end hanging inside the fingers, pass it round 2 fingers, back between the first finger and thumb and over the first thread.

Then, with a crochet hook, draw a look through the ring thus formed and make it firm on the hook by gently pulling the 2 ends.

After making this slip loop, * pass the hook from left to right under the wool (held in the left hand), draw this thread through the loop already on the hook, and repeat from * for the length required.

Crochet Chain Stitch Illustration

Video Demonstration of this Crochet Stitch

For those of you who are visual learners, you will probably find it easier to learn how to make this crochet stitch by watching a demonstration.

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