Free Crochet Baby Bib Patterns – Easy Baby Bibs to Crochet

From beginner to advanced, from easy to complex, we have all the free crochet baby bib patterns that you will ever need!

This cute highchair bib and doily pattern with a swan on it is perfect way to add a personal touch to a highchair.

This cute baby bib pattern is even cuter if you embroider the two teddy bears on the bib when you are finished crocheting it.

Free pineapple baby bib pattern to crochet easy step-by-step instructions are included for crocheting this vintage bib for a baby.

Free unique baby bib pattern to crochet easy instructions included to make this classic bib. It is almost too nice to wear!

Free embroidered baby bib pattern in crochet step-by-step instructions included for this vintage baby bib with flower embroidery.

This free crochet baby bib pattern was originally published years ago. However, this vintage bib remains popular.

This free baby bib pattern was originally printed years ago. However, this vintage baby bib remains popular still today.

Follow the easy step-by-step instructions of this vintage crochet pattern to make this classic crochet baby bib.

This crochet pattern for a baby bib results in a really unique bib that has a beautiful ribbon border. Crochet this bib today!

Free unique baby bib pattern to crochet easy instructions included to make this nice baby bib. Again – almost too nice to use!

This free cute bib crochet pattern for a cute baby bib was originally published in 1947 in the Sultana Baby Book, Vol S17.

This free vintage baby bib crochet pattern was originally published in the 1920s (around 1927). It is a really cute baby bib.

This free crochet baby bib pattern for a cutebaby bib was originally published around 1943 in “Cottons for Babies” Vol. 194.

A lovely handmade crochet bib is really nice to have when company is over and for other special occasions. This baby bib fits the bill!

About Crochet Patterns for Baby Bibs

Between burps, feedings, occasional spit up, and grubby little hands that want to grab the food and mash it through tiny fingers, you will quickly learn that bibs are an essential part of your baby or toddler’s wardrobe!

As well, you might not realize it right away, but you’re going to need a lot of bibs! Baby bibs really don’t do any good when they’re all in the wash or hanging on the line. To be effective, they need to be on your baby.

Although you’ll probably buy bibs for the general everyday situations for your baby by the dozen at the local store, it’s nice to have some special, handmade bibs when company is over or for other special occasions.

In addition, people prefer to hold and play with babies who look (and smell) appealing. You can add to the impression that your little darling stays clean throughout the day by replacing bibs frequently.

That’s were we come in – we have tons of crochet patterns for baby bibs. Now your baby can be both clean and stylish as well! Here are some great bibs that will keep baby’s clothes clean and look great doing it.

From beginner to advanced, from easy to complex, we have all the free crochet baby bib patterns that you will ever need!

A crocheted baby bib is a great gift to give for a baby shower. As an added bonus, they are easy projects to make – even for a beginner.

There are many different patterns and styles to choose from and most of them would be great for either a baby boy or a baby girl.

More Free Crochet Patterns for Babies

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Crochet Pattern Books for Babies

All these unique and lovely free crochet patterns for baby bibs came from our large collection of vintage crochet pattern books. Here are some of the books that have crochet baby bib patterns in them:

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