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Nature Mandala

This was done as a gift by my partners mother and I think it is absolutely stunning

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Free Vintage Crochet Patterns - Antique Crochet Patterns

Antique and vintage crochet patterns from 1850 to 1950 - free crochet patterns, newsletter, contests, monthly deals, and more. If you love to crochet, you will most definitely love this site!

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Best Darn Yarn Tenders - All time list topper in my supplies

Best Darn Yarn Tenders. I use them on skeins, cones, and center-pull balls of yarn. I never worry about what is happening in my bag when the yarn

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Simple but useful, safety pin!

Although this may be a safe choice, I have found safety pins to be one of my favorite tools! I am somewhat new to crocheting, I have only made 3 market

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My Stitch Counter

I recently got this stitch counter and I am so happy with it. I got it from Shopee and got a great deal out of it. I only spent a dollar on it. At first

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Free Crochet Baby Bib Patterns - Easy Baby Bibs to Crochet

From beginner to advanced, from easy to complex, we have all the free crochet baby bib patterns that you will ever need!

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Continuous Color Changing

When working a pattern that uses the same colors throughout the project I simply run the yarn

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Useful stitch markers

I could not crochet without my favorite stitch markers. They are round and stay in my wip so easily. They don't fall out like other stitch markers and

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Ways to Brand Handmade Clothing

Having your handmade clothing business means you put a lot of care into your craft. Every article you produce becomes a uniquely personal relationship between you and the wearer.

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My crochet buddy...

Apart from crochet hook and yarn, something without which I can't complete my crochet projects is my crochet buddy - i.e. yarn needle. This small tool

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My Best and Most Used Tools to Create Works of Art

My number one best tool IS... My hook! lol.I love my egro hooks! Soo comfortable and easy to work with...espcially for amigurumi crochet ...which is what

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Crochet Pattern Books - Crocheting Patterns for Your Home

Crochet pattern books for your home - original, unaltered, digitally restored crochet pattern books that are available for immediate download!

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Carrying Blanket - Crochet Baby Blanket - Free Vintage Crochet Pattern

Free crochet carrying blanket pattern - easy step-by-step instructions included to make this vintage crochet baby blanket.

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Pansy Doily - Free Crochet Doily Pattern

Free pansy doily crochet pattern - simple, step-by-step instructions included to make this vintage crochet doily.

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