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Why Adversite on Antique Crochet Patterns?

We realize that you are looking for a good return on your advertising dollars, so here is some information on our site that will help you decide if our craft related website would be suitable for YOUR advertising needs.

The Antique Crochet Patterns website has a loyal and growing audience of crafty people and currently receives around 4,000 unique visitors per day, resulting in over 250,000 page views per month.

We also have over 7,000 Facebook subscribers (and growing!).

Our visitors are interested in crochet related products and websites. They are also interested in other craft related products and sites.

Take a look at our current Alexa rank...

The Alexa rank shows where the Antique Crochet Patterns website ranks out of millions upon millions of active websites. This means that Antique Crochet Patterns is in the top 1% of websites on the net.

The vast majority of our visitors are from the US, but visitors from the UK and Canada also make up a large percentage of our site's traffic.

Based on internet averages, our site is visited more frequently by females and by those who are in the age range of 50-65.

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Adversiting Opportunities

We offer a range of advertising opportunities to fit YOUR campaign...


When you purchase this type of ad, we will link directly to your site from a word or phrase that is related to your site or business.

The reason why this type of ad is so successful is because text ads do not look like ads - so visitors are more likely to click on them.


We have opportunities for banner advertising on most of our pages.

We accept vertical or horizontal banners in the following sizes:

  • 125x125 Small Square Banner
  • 250x250 Large Square Banner
  • 468x60 Full Width Banner

These are the basic banner ads that we serve. If you have another ad size, please contact us for implementation and pricing.


We have over 5,000 double opt-in people signed up to receive our newsletter. You can sponsor one of our maillings.

Pricing for Advertising

The prices of our ads depend on the pages the ads are to be placed on, the positioning within the page and the type and size of the ad.

We also offer discounts for longer term advertising contracts.

Please feel free to contact us from more information on pricing.

General Advertising Guidelines

Please note that all ads will be reviewed for suitability (as determined by the editors) and we will only accept ads from companies offering 'family friendly' quality products, services or information to our visitors.

Our website hosts Google and third party sponsored ad banners and links. We do not control the content of these ads.

Please Note: In line with Google's Webmasters policy, all outgoing links from our site contain the rel="nofollow" attribute.

Advertising Inquiries

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